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My Overflowings
by Steve Bar - Ner2 months ago
We are all endless, limitless containers of all that we have within Us, as we were put here to live our lives to the fullest and utmost that we can. We will never be able to fathom, that, what we truly are, only at those fleeting moments of clarity, but when they arrive... Thoughts
All That Emerges from Within
by Steve Bar - Ner2 months ago
When we behold, we observe, we release, that which is contained inside our Love. It reveals to Us all that is of Love, of Us. Thoughts
A renewal of Vows
by Steve Bar - Ner2 months ago
At times we get distracted from our course, the path we chose to walk, by the clatter of the wheels of our thoughts, turning, grinding, grating the path. Thoughts
Dear Therapist A "love" letter to my therapistThoughts
Night Once Again Falls
by Steve Bar - Ner3 months ago
Every night apart from our loved ones, is long and unbearable at timesSongs
I am but as All
by Steve Bar - Ner3 months ago
We all are but trying to walk through life, each on his own, yet we all need one another. Thoughts
Of Lunar Influence
by Steve Bar - Ner3 months ago
Lunar influences the Earth and all upon it. Its influences are but partially knownThoughts
Of Love
by Steve Bar - Ner3 months ago
Our Love is an endless stream, that at times becomes obstructed by the driftwood and weeds of poisons that were not meant to be but nevertheless became. At times the force of our Love, the Love of others, the Collective love of all is so strong as to restore the flow of our stream. Thoughts
What of Thy ?
by Steve Bar - Ner3 months ago
We all have aspirations, dreams, desires that we conceal from all, for fear of ridicule, of unfulfillmentThoughts
You of a million faces, a million facets
by Steve Bar - Ner4 months ago
You are of Love, your are of eternity, you and I have walked our lifetimes by each others side, so many times, each time as fascinating and magical then the previousThoughts