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What do we love about Bibs pacifier ?

Bibs Pacifier Colors - Best Pacifiers of 2020

Bibs have their basic colors (and most popular), such as Iron, Sage, Baby Pink, and White. Every season, they come out with their seasonal colors, such as Wine, Petrol and Coral. Sometimes these seasonal colors stick around and sometimes not. New to the Bibs family though, are glow in the dark pacifiers. FINALLY! Gone are the days when it’s 3am and you’re fishing around your babe’s crib in the dark looking for his paci and he’s screaming on the top of his lungs! Or when your little one is old enough to reach for it but can’t seem to find it in the dark.

Bibs pacifiers are most similar to a mother’s breast, which gives an added bonus for babies who are breast feeding. They take to it easily and mama can relax and have a peaceful baby.

Whichever color or size you choose, you can not go wrong with choosing Bibs pacifier’s for your new babe. Stock up, though! You don’t want to be left searching for that paci when your little one is having a meltdown! It’s a lifesaver!

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