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Investigations of Israeli Soldiers IDF

Military lawyer review

You have been asked to come to חקירת מצ"ח in MPCID investigation and you do not know what to do? Your son called in the middle of the night and told you, "The investigators arrested me, I can not tell you what, it's all right. Do not worry …" But are you naturally very worried? Afraid of the unknown? I'm here to make you order.
The criminal procedure is a rigid and stressful procedure, certainly for the person whose first entanglement with the law. According to the Israeli military law, the Authority which is responsible for investigating of Israeli soldiers in suspect of criminal offenses in the military is the Military Police Investigation Unit (MPCID). The MPCID investigation is a criminal investigation for all intents and purposes, and its implications are entirely identical to the investigation of civilians in the Israel Police. At the same time, the MPCID investigation has its own characteristics, since the procedure is carried out in accordance with the Military Jurisdiction Law and the investigation of the guilt is conducted in the military courts rather than in the courts. In addition, it is important to understand that the suspects are IDF soldiers, who are usually ordinary normative citizens who first meet the law enforcement authorities in the army.
Since the MPCID investigation is not a simple matter that can affect their future in the army and in civilian life, it is very important to consult with a עורך דין צבאי lawyer who "lives and breathes" the world of military investigations, recognizes the procedure to advise you in the best possible way Minimize damage and get rid of criminal records that will stain your future / your child's future, and chiefly - avoid prison terms as long as possible.

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