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When All is Over.

You have to start living.

Cat Doll
Cat Doll Report

We are finished,
No school, homework, exams, tests, teachers, recess.
No army, no homesick, no gimelim,
You finished your "sociaty duties".
And now what,
A trip? studies? internship? job?
This suckes, and you know why?
Life is just like swimming, at first they teach you the basics but eventually you are thrown into the water and your parents cross their firngers in hopes that you won't drown.
And what do I say about that? WTF.
I am most definately not ready for that, nope.
You learn math and english but what about learning how to live?
How to open a bank account?
How to apply for bituach leumi or mas hacnasa? (does it work for ya? )
What about, how to buy a car?
What questions you should ask when someone calls you and say, listen I have a great offer for you to invest your money in.. bla bla... or how to get away from that kind of calls?
Where are all of those lessons in school?
Maybe between gym and arabic, you have time to squeeze in a little "real life lesson"?
For those who felt lost their whole lifes and nothing really changed when they finished high school.
Am I the only one? who is not sure on where to go and where to turn my life torwards?
Am I the only person in this world who is lost?

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