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Jewish School in South Florida - CORONAVIRUS School Updates
by Yeshiva Jewish School2 months ago
Jewish School in South Florida: Following days and nights of intensive training, brainstorming, sharing ideas and formulating plans, our teachers JPK – 12, are ready to embark upon a new world of teaching and interacting with students. The teachers have clearly gone above and beyond and our hope and prayer is that this endeavor will strengthen and deepen the school – home partnership, for the benefit of all our students. Opinion
Jewish School in South Florida - A Story of Perseverance
by Yeshiva Jewish School3 months ago
Yeshiva school South Florida: How to Impart the Message to Our StudentsOpinion
Yeshiva high school - Yeshiva High School of Miami
by Yeshiva Jewish School1 month ago
Yeshiva High School of South Florida - Fastest Growing Yeshiva High School in South FloridaOpinion
Private Orthodox Jewish Day School
by Yeshiva Jewish School5 months ago
Premier Yeshiva Elementary near Miami Beach: Zman Simchasaynu - Adding Joy to Your Yom Tov by RABBI ZEV WEINEROpinion
Private Orthodox Jewish Day School
by Yeshiva Jewish School2 months ago
here are private Jewish day schools in Boca Raton, Hollywood, and North Miami Beach, to name a few. There are many benefits to having a private Jewish yeshiva day school in the community:Opinion
The mystery of smoking
by Eran Shmuel5 years ago
It’s disgusting, dangerous, expensive. It freakin stinks. So why do people continue to smoke?Opinion
Private Jewish Day School: Older vs. Younger Siblings
by Yeshiva Jewish School7 months ago
This is magnified when you throw age into the mix. Is there any area where a parent can relatively easily reduce some of this tension? Opinion
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