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I want more from life

what the future holds

Tz V
Tz V Report

What the future holds for me
I really can't tell
But my imagination
Still wonders
In the depths of something that looks like hell.
I mark another V
On the experiences of life
But that is not what I want,
I want more from life.
I want to live in the now
And enjoy what I can,
I want to experience life
And not just mark another V
On an arbitrary list.
"The future,
Wait for no one"
They say
And yet,
Everyone will meet him at some point.
I want to love a man
Who will let me love him.
Not one who will play with my emotions
And not one who does not know what he wants.
A man who will want my love,
One who will know how to appreciate it.
A man who will love me back.

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