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Of Tallships, nutshells and corks


I have no power to control my Love of thee
As i have no power to control your Love of me
I can but compare to the oceans and seas
Influenced by the Cold and the Heat, the wind, the breeze,
We flow, we ebb, we come and we go
At times tumultous, at others, placid
In all the forms and shapes ye takes
I shall love thou for eternity.

Yet notice me here atop your waters
Sailing to and fro
In all forms that you take, that I yearn
To observe, to explore
Beware and take care not to tip me over
To send me to the depths of your being
To be lost and unfound, by thee or by others
For I too am at times a Tallship, or a nutshell or cork.

For I too have storms and calms of the heart
I too sway to the waves, the gales and the still
Adrift in the darkness, at dawn and at dusk
Longing only to be present and attentive
To breathe in thou musk, to taste thou salty skin
To bask in your sun and to bathe in your spray.
Love me, as I love thou
Is all I can ask, dream of, long for.

Steve Bar - Ner Follow Steve
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