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Forever Now, Forevermore

Some poem I made when emotional

Azure skies full of heaven's clouds
Metal birds fly overhead, their engines roaring loud
Hold my hand as we watch the fluffy whites take shape
Hold my hand forever now, forevermore.

Long, desolate streak of wet sand
Cerulean waves crashing against the bay
My head rested on your shoulder as you hold me tight
Hold me tight forever now, forevermore.

Man and woman yelling in front of small children
Emotion rolling out from my eyes and down my cheeks
Running from home to hug you as I tremble
Hug me close forever now, forevermore

Cozy as the fireplace crackles
Raindrops gently tap against the roof of the house
Kiss me as we sit close by the hearth
Kiss me forever now, forevermore.

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