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A poem I made when thinking about Avatar.

Your anger ignites in an explosion
All that pent up anger making you outspoken
Chaos and rage, smoke and emotional blaze
My vision is shroud in a smoky haze

Your sadness rolls out of your eyes
The sea and tide remind you of your eventual demise
Grief and guilt crashing down like a tsunami
You are worthless, just another body floating down the river.

Your mind is up in the clouds
Your azure eyes matching the sky as they roll to the back of your head
Close your eyes and ignore your problems and responsibilities
Fall asleep and neglect the situation you put yourself into

You must keep your fortitude solid
Even as you quake, you must stay strong
No matter the situation, you must stand tall
You are a bastion, so hold your ground
You shall never die, forever set in stone, an immovable statue covered in overgrowth.

You are omnipotent
You are invincible
You are pulchritudinous
You are ingenious
You are okay.

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