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Strong Man

A poem about abuse

Do you feel like a strong man
As you lift those dumbbells to your chest
As you build that house with your coworkers
As you demolish that building with a wrecking ball?

Do you feel like a strong man
For drinking more than anybody else
For getting into that fight at the bar
For beating a man bloody?

Do you feel like a strong man
When you come home miserable and drunk
When you stand over your wife and overpower her
When you make her cry with blood running down her skull?

Do you feel like a strong man
When you hear your kids crying for their mommy
When you hear the sirens of the officers
When you're taken away by the law?

Do you feel like a strong man
While she leaves you
While they're taken away
While you're alone?

You are the weakest man
An abusive, megalomaniac slug
An unintelligent alcoholic poser
Go drink your life away in prison, scum.

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