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An Unrequited love

With little reality and lots of imagination, I wrote a song consists of excerpts and limericks

An unrequited love
So cruel
Those who avoid it are very lucky
Sometimes I think I meet it more than everybody

That’s how it is when you’re just a good guy
Easy to like, hard to love
Maybe it’s best to stop thinking
This way, maybe, the pain will go away

And again my heart is after one of the girls
Her beauty was prettier than sunset on the beach
But it was her inside beauty that really got to me
Because her heart was kind
And a smile was always present on her lips

And at a moment of courage I decided to ask
How about a dinner, tonight?
You will make me the happiest man alive
She thought for a bit and without saying a word
She agreed, nodding with a big smile on her face

In the evening I was all excited
When I saw her my heart skipped a beat
Hoping I could make her mine
We had a joyful, successful date
I opened my heart to her

I will give you all the love in the world
Loving you day and night
I will follow you everywhere
It will be just the two of us, like a dream

I waited in tension for a response
The few seconds felt like forever
And after a short thought
She held my hand and said

Sorry, but I will pass
It’s tough to remember a good guy like you
But I want you as a friend, and nothing more
A friend, and nothing more
I apologize if you are hurt, but eventually the pain goes away

I barely held my tears
Escorting her home
Waiting for the smallest of remorse signs
But nothing comes

Cupid hit me right in the heart
But it seems like the arrow acted like every simple arrow
And my heart started bleeding instead of shining
An unrequited love, oh how cruel it is
But maybe it’s for the better
Because if it wasn’t for it, we couldn’t have been able to value true love

Eran Shmuel Follow Eran
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