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Bigger Than the Sun

It’s sad how the pain is holding your body Strangling the light And I stayed in the dark

I always knew you are as warm as the sun
Like you have fire inside your body
Heat that only you can give
Heat that touches, heat that hugs, heat that makes one happy, heat that takes over
Only recently your smile disappeared
Your tears set off the first
And I stayed frozen
Begging for your heat

The sun
The big light they used to call it
But when I’m dark
It’s only your light that I want
Light that spreads happiness
Light that penetrates so deeply
And heals every wounded soul
It’s sad how the pain is holding your body
Strangling the light
And I stayed in the dark

One thing hasn’t changed
Like the sun, you’re still dazzling
And I was blinded like a fool
Falling into your trap
Falling in love with you
And there’s no way back

I know why the fire set off
I know how to make the pain disappear
If you only come to me
I will send it away
And the light will be back
The fire burning at full power
The smile will be back on your lips
And you’ll go back to the way you used to be
Go back to being a sun

Eran Shmuel Follow Eran
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