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The One

Looking for the one

Looking for the one
That will make my heart warm every time
That will give me a kiss when I come back home exhausted
That will celebrate holidays and weekends with me
That will be my best friend
That will give me a smile in every conversation we have
That will be with me in any crisis or complication
That will remind me of pure gold
Because you can’t take a good girl for granted.

I’ll do everything for her.
I’ll write her deep and exciting love letters.
I’ll surprise her with chocolate and flowers.
I’ll take her to the beach at sunset.
I’ll give her a hug when she’s not relaxed.
I’ll make sure she always has pride.
And most importantly, I’ll her love.

And every time I smell a familiar smell.
But then suddenly it is over.
I feel a bitter taste in my mouth.
But as weird as it sounds, I don’t care.

Eran Shmuel Follow Eran
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