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When a Song Comes from Inside

What happens when you really mean what you write

If I only had a loved one
I would write her a love song
That will get into her senses
And its words will grow all the flowers
Even the sun will be dazzled by its beauty
And the animals will freeze to its sound

That’s what happens when a song comes from inside, from love
It adds passion between the two, it connects them
It penetrates so deeply, like a real kiss
Takes you to a calm place far far away
And even though it’s only a few lines
It creates happiness, causing tears

When a song comes from the inside
It penetrates deeply into the soul
Draws you to it like magic
Sucks you in
And you feel like you are floating in a new world
Getting addicted to the simplest of words

If I only had a loved one
I would write her a love song
Even more than one
And it wouldn’t be just a nice song
After I would write it I will be hopeful
That she will also give me a moment of emotions
Give me a moment of love

Eran Shmuel Follow Eran
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