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To Fall Without Trying

It’s almost all truth, probably for anyone

It has been a long time that she’s on my mind
Trying to stop, but the feeling never lets go
I was always shy
But this time I thought I was ready

And there was the right moment
I decided to be potent
Waiting a little more for the perfect moment
Even though that will never come

And suddenly, in a moment of complacency
My friend is rapidly approaching her
And even though he is only talking to her for the first time
The conversation is flowing

And I’m confused, looking from the side
Don’t know if it’s bad or nice
Because for me this is a total failure
But for my friend – a grand slam

Thinking whether to laugh or cry
Hell, this was uncalled for
And I don’t know whether to tell my friend
Or let it slide and tap his back

Of course I should let it slide
Because that’s how a man needs to act
My heart broke, I had nothing to do
I hesitated, couldn’t ask for a re-do

It will be hard to forgive myself for this one
And even harder to forget
But at least I came out with a moral
Those who hesitate always lose

Eran Shmuel Follow Eran
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