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Praying for an Understanding Heart

May God Have Mercy on My Soul


The man in jail
Who couldn't make bail
He could have sung
Like a nightingale
It wasn't up to him, my friend
How his life would begin and end
99.9 percent of the time
Couldn't put his hand on one thin dime
Little education No foundation
Lack of motivation
Every day frustration
Torn and tattered
Bruised and battered
Joy so scattered
Nothing else mattered
Forever in pain
Hopes all in vain
No sunshine, only rain
Every day turned out the same
Same ole song and dance
Although he loved romance
He never learned to prance
Never had a chance
Always on The Dole
No goal Denied parole
May God have mercy
On his soul

© 2016 Cora J. Bouzane

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