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Winter Promised She Will Never Abandon

Winter Promised She Will Never Abandon

I prefer an ocean of darkness and joy rather than lands of light and suffering; for I will become the eternal night of freedom, embracing women and men to follow the lost path of enlightness in the shadows of reality.
The forbidden knowledge of days yet to come is the source of energy we all feed upon.
I will never get rest in the endless summer of Venus, but I'll always put my faith in the coldest deserts of Mars.
I will shine without a sun; I will become the brightest star of my dreams, a black hole giving birth to a new universe, a new civilization, a new existence.
This is the dawn of the everlasting winter - the resurrection of ice age, of crystal fortresses to rise upon earth.
From the ashes the everlasting winter will rise to cover us with its superior power, its colorful rainbow of hope, its echoing serenity; for Phoenix will arrive as a thunderstorm of peace, to be present in our hearts for good.
So long my winter dreams, so god damn long till you'll become a reality again.

Amos Hason Follow Amos
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