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Behind the Line of Fire

Jason, a sixteen year old from Northern California lives in the constant shadow of his older brothers. What he wants more than anything is to prove to himself and to the world that he is worth more than what people give him credit for.

Jason stared nervously at the phone in his hands, trying to muster the courage to call the number typed on the screen. His entire summer depended on this single phone call going the way he hoped. He was only one of hundreds of teenagers who would be applying to be counselors at Birch Tree Summer Camp, and he wanted more than anything to be one of the handful who would be selected.
Truth be told, being accepted to work at Birch Tree meant more to Jason than the opportunity for a paying job and a fun summer. Both of his older brothers had been counselors at the camp. Being accepted would mean that he had finally done one thing as well as his older brothers had. His mind flashed back to the time he had tried out for the city baseball team. He could hear the coach telling him he hadn’t made the team, remarking “I thought we might have us here another Brooks”. He could see his own disappointment reflected in his dad’s face, and he could hear his brother Max calling him a loser.
Jason picked up the phone and put it down again. He paced around the room restlessly. After his interview with the head counselor a few days ago he had been instructed to call back on Monday between six and seven o’clock to find out if he had been accepted or not. He thought that the interview had went reasonably well, but that was no guarantee.
He looked at the clock. It was now five to seven. There was no way he could push off this phone call any longer, it was either now or never. He pressed the call button.

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