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sea surfing, just live

Y X Report

love to surf. When i fill like no one can understand me i take my bord and go to the sea.
siting on the beach, look to the endless wather and just relex. the problem is this, in israel we don't have big wave or more accuracy, we don't have wave at all. so you go to the sea, and praying that when you get to the sea big waves will aprear. but even if not it never to bad be on the beach. we have summer climate must of the year, so...
i in my therd year of my study and i start to absent from class because of we don't have so many days with waves. so whenever the sea is ready for surfing i allwas there.
sorry, this is the first time that i write in english in my intaire life, so if you are reading this artical, be shure that the next one will be better much much intresting then this. until the next time. remember if you fill that no one can contain your emotion the have been allwas the perfect place for you ;);)

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