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don't give a f***

my story with a lot of gremer mistakes

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sometimes when you are tring to much you just lose. no, is not sometimes its every time.
so let me give you advice. do not give a fuck! i am sure that it sound better in hebrew, but you get the point. this is my moto. every time i fill insecure i say it to my self again & again until i fill that no one can tell me i wrong. let me tell you a story.
when i was yang i tried to be with same girl. she was so beautiful and so nice. exacliy like it should be. we were best freinds for ever, never found the right time to tell how i felt. she had to many idiot while was waiting to the perfect moment. when i finally got the courage to tell her how i felt, that was to late and she had found the she wanted. she thougt back then he is the love of her life.. but in this very moument i decided to let ot go.
today she have one beautiful child, she still beautiful and not mine. from that day i decided to don't give a fuck, you never have benift from give fuck, you just lose.
so don't give a fuck!

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