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Look, at us. The minutes, the hours change so much, for you. Because I, I always the creep, the wierd one. Talking to my self, preying for you to notice, to see the love I shared with you. Every morning I was there, waiting for you to get off the bus, walking behind, watching your back. "Freak" you used to call me, remember this? There was me, the Freak and there was him, The Man. The strongest kid at school, the best in everything in college. "You'll be a big success", they told him, "you are the best" you whispered to his ears.

"Are you the strongest? are you? Why don't you show me big guy, you don't show me, you just keep lying there in your own blood, don't you see that I'm the best? Can't you see that? Tell her!".

We could be a big success you and I, I could be a great lover, I could give you the whole world but you, you made the wrong choice. So I, I will be the same Freak, I will wait for you near the bus, I'll keep you safe on your way home, and then it will be our moment, just a moment for you.

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