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Zed Run Clone Script

To Start a 100% Blockchain-Powered NFT Gaming Platform like Zed Run!

Zed Run Clone Script is an NFT Gaming Platform that offers an NFT digital horse racing platform like Zed Run. The platform allows you to breed, buy, and sell digital racehorses called Breathing NFT every breathing NFT has its own DNA.

To Start a 100% Blockchain-Powered NFT Gaming Platform like Zed Run!

As a Leading NFT Gaming Platform Development Company, Developcoins offers to build an Ethereum Blockchain network-based NFT gaming platform. Our white label zed run clone script is market-ready, Saving your time and money. We build our own NFT game platform on various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, EOS, BSC, Tron, Polygon, Solana, etc. , as per your needs.

Features of Our Zed Run Clone Script

Making a Horse Mint
Mint must be paid for (Wallet connectivity)
Logic of Racing
Slot machines with racing themes
Metadata | Metaverse connectivity | Rarible | Resale in OpenSea
NFTs' performance (The Horses)
NFT color variation

Zed Run Clone Script - https://www. developcoins. com/zed-run-clone-script

Book Free Consultation
Call/WhatsApp - +91 9843555651
Skype - live: Tech Innovate
Email ID - sales@developcoins. com
Telegram - https://t. me/Developcoins

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