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Do you ever think

they’ll be a time where when you watch the news

tair noy
tair noy Report

Do you ever think they’ll be a time where when you watch the news, you won’t see mass killings, you won’t see war, you won’t see crime? You won’t see child abuse and poverty, you won’t see rapists, you won’t see racial or terror attacks, that cause many people to lose their lives over something that shouldn’t be a problem, something that is perfectly natural, like their skin color, gender, sexuality or religion? I used to think, maybe one day the human race would learn from its mistakes. But I think I was just being naive. The hope for a golden future or a lost, heavenly beginning has been torn to pieces. Belief in such things, only provide comfort for a short time, because the world is never going to be like what was written.

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Amizur Nachshoni
Amizur Nachshoni
Very true