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A bit above the rest

Should we seek to be extraordinary, exceptional, break ranks and set ourselves aside from the flock

While all those that have been subdued
By the mediocracy and the pointless life
Awaiting the ring of an alarm clock
To set off to yet another dreary day
We roam, this our pergatory,
We Vampires, Us Knights.

We just can't bring ourselves to their conformity
Slaves of "the resistance",
And the sins we think we've commited
We all seek a drop of blood
To quest our thirsts
From any passersby.

We feed off of our despair
Our ears attuned to music
That only we can hear
We thrive on the pain
Our broken hearts
Beyond repair?

But still we show up for the fight
Each time anew
Hoping this war may end some day
But not before we win
Defeat is not for us
Only the truth's we live by, nothing less.

For we are but Gladiators
Accustomed only for either
Fame and Glory
Or Death by Defeat
There's no in between!

We look down from mere inches
Above the rest
Always asking ourselves
If it is us that are crazy
Or maybe just them.

Steve Bar - Ner Follow Steve
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