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Nowhere But Now

Coming on the Merry Go Round?

We have loved and we have fallen
We have won the battle and lost the war
We have lived and were dead all along
We’ve been resurrected and we live on.

We can chose to move on but stay still
We can vow to stay yet move on
We can wish to succeed but fail
We can promise forever but only day by day.

If we love with all we can muster are we true?
If we fight with all our might are we but brave?
If we touch with all our souls are we just gentle?
If we make love with all we’ve got are we mere passion?

We are flung up and down
Thrown all around
Beaten and battered
Till we fall to the ground
We shake off our dust
Tape up our shins
Bandage ourselves
And dive right back in
Such is our merry go around
Such is the love that we’ve found.

Will you stay on this ride with me
Will you share these adventures and see
Will you sit by my side till it will subside
Till the lights are turned off and it’s the end of it all.

Steve Bar - Ner Follow Steve
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