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Only In These Moments I

At these times, in the absence of our Loved ones, can we truly feel there presence, and out of the yearning and the missing, can we truly learn of our truest feelings for them

Only in These Moments
When our Presence is not present
When we are in these far away places
That we find ourselves transported to
Even when we are a mere arms length away

We may find ourselves lost
Even when we are found
We may seem, deceived, to be cursed
Amidst our many blessings
Shrouded in a fog

But we fail to see
That we are where we longed to be
Unaware, that we've arrived
To that place we yearned for, screamed and laid sleepless
We are blind within our bliss

Only in these moments
Of a clarity so pristine
That they seem unreal
Do we realize, for a glimpse
Of the Love we posses, that which is present
So strong and powerful, within Us

And we turn sideways
To see that empty side of the bed
A pillowcase still ironed and kempt
We glance at the phone for a message unsent
A hanging dress on a hook ...

We just want to see, to be
In the presence of those whom we Love so
That we know now and always did
Of that which was meant to be
Only at these moments, to be seen

Steve Bar - Ner Follow Steve
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