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Only In these Moments II

At these times, in the absence of our Loved ones, can we truly feel there presence, and out of the yearning and the missing, can we truly learn of our truest feelings for them

Only in these moments
When we are blind of our blessings
When we doubt
When we question
For what is it all?

When we are prone to desires
That are but temporarily unanswered
When and where we crave
That basic and elementary of our needs
To be held, tight, shushed and soothed

Only in these moments when we lack that
When we wage battle against demons
That steal our sleep, our faith
But are merely akin
To the ones in our closet of youth
Them of no truth

When we attempt to reason with ourselves
At times to no avail, no end
That this is but a glimpse, a passing moment
That we are trapped in
Once again

We are transformed, we relive
Those times when there was no one
That we were aware of at the time
Known to none, but fate alone
That had set us on course
With a grin on its face

Somewhere out there lays our second half
Our soul mate, sought and found
Two hearts that have been bound
By He who has grinned and has blessed
A prayer that has been answered, yet

At moments such as this
So far away, yet in each others hearts
Do we realize all that we were blind to
When we lay side by side
But now we have but words, that have no solace
In these wee of hours, in this darkness, this night

We resent, we repent
We miss and we count the moments
We regret and try to repent
We try to feel and transmit our sorrow
For those times that we took for granted

Steve Bar - Ner Follow Steve
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