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Night Once Again Falls
by Steve Bar - Ner4 months ago
Every night apart from our loved ones, is long and unbearable at timesSongs
Nowhere But Now
by Steve Bar - Ner6 months ago
Coming on the Merry Go Round? Songs
No one to blame
by Steve Bar - Ner8 months ago
Sometimes we just don't muster the necessary courage or will to see a glimpse through, another potential love goes to the wastelands of unrequited loveSongs
Why Why
by Steve Bar - Ner8 months ago
We just set ourselves up sometimes for the fall we know is comingSongs
I know
by Steve Bar - Ner8 months ago
When you see the answer before you, and doubt it, don't, just seize itSongs
Them of the Tales
by Steve Bar - Ner8 months ago
Through the times, there have been rumors and storiesSongs
You are the fairest....
by Steve Bar - Ner8 months ago
Have I found you, my HopeSongs
I Love the Way We Love
by Steve Bar-Ner9 months ago
Sometimes, rarely, you come across "that" one, that completes your thoughts, that likes all the same things, yet is still just a bit different, unique and marvelous. If your really lucky, you somehow find each other. Songs
But 2 Steps Ahead
by Steve Bar - Ner9 months ago
At times we may fall, only to be picked up by someone random, it is more than mere courtesy to reciprocate. Songs
A bit above the rest
by Steve Bar - Ner9 months ago
Should we seek to be extraordinary, exceptional, break ranks and set ourselves aside from the flockSongs