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You are the fairest....
by סטיבן בר נר3 hours ago
Have I found you, my HopeSongs
I Love the Way We Love
by Steve Bar-Ner4 days ago
Sometimes, rarely, you come across "that" one, that completes your thoughts, that likes all the same things, yet is still just a bit different, unique and marvelous. If your really lucky, you somehow find each other. Songs
But 2 Steps AheadAt times we may fall, only to be picked up by someone random, it is more than mere courtesy to reciprocate. Songs
A bit above the rest
by סטיבן בר נר2 weeks ago
Should we seek to be extraordinary, exceptional, break ranks and set ourselves aside from the flockSongs
Lessons in Revival
by סטיבן בר נר2 weeks ago
We all have the power to revive each other, yet we at times chose not to, at times we're unaware of the needs of another, sometimes we're just a moment too late, and another small piece of a fragile heart dies away, bit by bit, everytime broken a little bit more, until it's irepairableSongs
Seriously Sirius
by סטיבן בר נר2 weeks ago
Sirius is the brightest Star in the night skies, its bigger, hotter and more powerful than the Sun. You are Sirius, seriously! Songs
What Has Been Done
by T-nastasia M2 years ago
Is nothing but a mistakeSongs
Love me
by T-nastasia M2 years ago
Love meSongs