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unrequited love

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No one to blame
by Steve Bar - Ner3 months ago
Sometimes we just don't muster the necessary courage or will to see a glimpse through, another potential love goes to the wastelands of unrequited loveSongs
A bit above the rest
by Steve Bar - Ner4 months ago
Should we seek to be extraordinary, exceptional, break ranks and set ourselves aside from the flockSongs
Lessons in Revival
by Steve Bar - Ner4 months ago
We all have the power to revive each other, yet we at times chose not to, at times we're unaware of the needs of another, sometimes we're just a moment too late, and another small piece of a fragile heart dies away, bit by bit, everytime broken a little bit more, until it's irepairableSongs
Words from Within
by Steve Bar - Ner4 months ago
Sometimes it just won't stop, it's a clatter, a buzz, an urge with no endThoughts