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How Amizur Nachshoni, International English Teacher, Spends His Summer Vacation Teaching English In Israel
by Amizur Nachshoni3 months ago
Amizur Nachshoni was born in Israel and lived in the US for many years. With 10 years of experience teaching English and Hebrew, he manages to work with all types of students of all ages, starting from children aged 12, to teenagers and adults, working with them offline and online. In this article, he talks about his experience teaching students English in Israel as part of TALMA — professional development program for young teachers seeking a meaningful teaching experience during their summer off. Short stories
Behind the Line of Fire
by אפרים לביא1 year ago
Jason, a sixteen year old from Northern California lives in the constant shadow of his older brothers. What he wants more than anything is to prove to himself and to the world that he is worth more than what people give him credit for. Serialized stories
don't give a f***
by Y X3 years ago
my story with a lot of gremer mistakesShort stories
Tags: loveyouth
The girl next door
by Eran Shmuel5 years ago
when you put a fancy meat dish in front of a lion, he’ll eat it in a hurry, even if he’s vegetarian.Short stories