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i wish he knew, i wish i knew.

he will be the best in everything.
in sports, in school, in love..
he will be the greatest love of someone.
she will be the luckiest girl on earth.
she will be loved, take cared of,
she will have everything she will ever want.
sometimes i think, he might be mine, and i, i might be his.
some days, the only thing i can think of is him,
and his perfect laugh, and smile.
i wish i knew, if he think so too.
if he thinks about me, even when im far,
i wish i could have decide once and for all,
what i think, what i feel, what i want..
i like him. i dont.. i love him, i cant..
it seems like being best friends,
is causing too many problems,
it seems like we need,
to find a way to be together,
but stay alone.

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