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Heart Broken

My heart is grieving over lose and frustration, my mind is running wild with sadness and my days are empty with no meaning

Cat Doll
Cat Doll Report

My heart is pouring rain
Im trying to make it stop,
Holding tight close to me so the cloud would stop,
Buy Im mistaken for it is not a cloud nor rain,

It is blood and my wound is not healing,
It grows larger everyday since you left.

My heart is pounding out my chest
It's trying to escape the feelings I have,

Those lonely nights and dark sunrises,
My sunrises are no longer hopeful nor pure, they are a reminder of my insomnia and sadness,

A reminder of what I have lost and what will forever be gone.

I am grieving so heavily over a person who has not died, not hurt and is living and keeps on going,
So how come I am grieving?
For I was left here alone. To be.
A choice was made.
But I was not a part of it.

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