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Our Twisted Way of Living

Food for thought, I guess. Do read as if you're fuming with anger.

Low Hill
Low Hill Report

They're being killed for no reason
It comes and go like the seasons.
Terrored so much they're used to it,
Throughout time they failed to fit.
And no matter where they landed,
They always had to deal with hatred.
One of simple words and behavior
Or one of cruelty and terror.

Even at home,
It's all the same,
It's still so wrong
Such a fucking shame.
Humanity lost it logically
Where are the rights, oh so praised?
When did it go south so drastically?
Anyone to answer the questions raised?

I pray for my brothers lives,
As they all do for their wives.
How can it be accepted?
People being butchered and hated!
Red by the blood spilled,
And blurry by mothers' tears.

They have to hate back
For they need to survive the attack
And how do you fight,
Without the most basic right?
When defense is forbidden by all,
When it's even bad to stand tall?
And if your life is taken,
It's your fault for being born .
So what, if a small country is shaken?
Nobody cares about a little thorn.

Children are used to this twisted reality,
Where you can't walk around carelessly.
Or sleep in your own bed,
Since it's where that little girl's blood was shed.
You can't even drive safe,
Odds are, you'll be shot to death.

Dreams of being a sheltered and secure,
Were just a lie and a big lure .
But it's their fault,
For giving them an opportunity,
It was a shout to an assault.
And if what they wish is serenity,
It needs to be fought for.
Cause this land might be ours,
But it's also a zone of war.

Some thoughts I had a while back. Hoping the message passes through properly.

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