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Where art thou love?

Where does our Love hide from us

I was told by my soul to be bold
I was told by the spirits to behold
I was told, by my heart to Love
With all, to not withold.

To Love thyself, to love all others
To Love in all forms
In all shapes and all tongues
To express and to show, just Love, no more.

What does one do, when depleted
When Love has taken leave
For a short while or ....
You are left but a shell of no meaning.

You are supposed to Love, void of all preconditions
All terms and assumptions
To not expect, yet receive and be grateful
When given.

I know of all these that I practice and preach
Yet there are times when I doubt, I miss, I yearn
To feel it, true
Not just in words, but in deeds and in truths.

Steve Bar - Ner Follow Steve
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