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You of a million faces, a million facets

You are of Love, your are of eternity, you and I have walked our lifetimes by each others side, so many times, each time as fascinating and magical then the previous

You of a Million faces
All beknownst to me
From a Million years
Of a Million times
We've found each other again.

You have such smiles, such laughter
Such pouts and frowns
Such Love and Lust
Such shyness and such boldness
A whole rainbow of expression.

I watch in wonder at all of these and more
Your eyes that glitter of Love and promise
At wonder, at beauty
At all of Creation
But best of all, when they're looking at me.

I feel I'm in Heaven and safe haven with you
The warmth of your embrace
The heat of your slightest finger traced
The power of your presence
Will forever, be so, to me.
Your Love is a magnet that draws me to you
Our Love is a beacon for all to see true
You complete me, as I hope I do you
And now that we've come
To a Million and one, off we go.

Hand in hand on the sands of a beach at sunset
Soul in Soul through all hardships we will be strong
Heart in Heart with a Love for all to behold
Body in Body, intertwined as one in lust
All that we are soon shall be revealed,
I look off to the horizon, to spot you arrive.

Steve Bar - Ner Follow Steve
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