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Of Love

Our Love is an endless stream, that at times becomes obstructed by the driftwood and weeds of poisons that were not meant to be but nevertheless became. At times the force of our Love, the Love of others, the Collective love of all is so strong as to restore the flow of our stream.

Dearest Nadja!
You have Loved me true, you have loved me pure, from the moment that you ignited the fire that burns. If fire be fed, with fuel, with Oxygen it will burn eternally.
You have shown Me of Myself, You have affirmed what my Soul needed reminding of. that I, You and all of Us are of Love, first and foremost.
You have shifted the tides, You have emmited Your Lunar powers that have swayed the tides within Me.
You are of the utmost, Purest, Truest Divinity, I see in You a striking beauty of Soul, of Body, of Mind, that mesmerizes Me at every thought of You, every moment in Your presence.
I am grateful for Your presence in the World, grateful and honored to have You present in My Life, and of the Love that You have for me.
I Love You, Truely, Purely, Devinely.
I wish for You, Pray for You to be of nothing but the utmost in all of that which You seek, aspire to, dream of.
I will reside in Your presence and watch over You, wish for You, whisper to You, for as long as I have words in Me, and when I run out, I shall do so in the ways that I have yet to recover and remember.
Wake, walk, do all that Life requires of You, all that You require of Life, in the knowing that You are all these and so much more that has yet to be said, You are Love, you are Joy, You are Happiness, You are Perfection, You are Eternal.

Steve Bar - Ner Follow Steve
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Steve Bar - Ner
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