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Dear Therapist

A "love" letter to my therapist

Dear therapist,
I miss you. I hope you're well because you're in isolation. I want to cry my heart out for you but I'm feeling discomfort to interrupt you even by e-mail.

These are the words I want to tell my therapist. I want to tell him how much I miss him.
How much I need someone to pull me back into writing.
I need him to tell him about this weird two weeks I had.

On the fact that I thought that I found love but then discovered I didn't.
On the fact that I thought I found another guy but he just kept on wasting my time by messages that I gave up on even meeting him.
On the fact that I got fired from my job.
On the fact that I want to write something for my experimental podcast but I'm lazy.
On the fact that I just need someone to listen to me.

I really want to say that I just miss his "touch", his concern about me.
But he's not my lover, just my theraphist.
That knows the right place to "touch" me.
He just gets me.
Eventhough it took him a while to do it.

This post was written in english because I'm a bit ashamed and shy about my feelings about him.
I'm a grown up person that loves to make stories about life.
I love that people inspire me.
My theraphist inspires me from the beginning each session.

Sometimes I just want to write a book about my life.
I wish to live by the sea. Feel the wind in my face.
Sometimes I want to go on an adventure and to show the world how brave I am.

I just want to live.
I don't want to hide from the world.
I want to publish my podcasts but I'm scared.
I want that people will hear me but that the right people will.

Thank you for hearing me.

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