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My Overflowings

We are all endless, limitless containers of all that we have within Us, as we were put here to live our lives to the fullest and utmost that we can. We will never be able to fathom, that, what we truly are, only at those fleeting moments of clarity, but when they arrive...

The Chalis of My Love of Thee,
Overflows at moments,
It was meant to be drinken from
To be consumed
To quench all thirsts ye may have.

Its sweetness to pleasure
Its passion as well.
Its truths to reflect and to show ye
Of all that you may not know of thyself
As perceived through those eyes of thy Loved one.

I will Love thee for all eternity
I now know no limits
I now know no condition nor term
No expectation, no reply is required
It has reached its ripeness and it is present.

It burns within me to keep me warm
It burns within me to keep me true
It burns within me, because you blow upon it,
The breeze of your Love, that keeps it ablaze
For you, as well, are ablaze of Yours.

Our flames shall dance and rejoice
With one another
As, shall we, across the floor and the ceiling
And all thats in between
All over, over and over.

Steve Bar - Ner Follow Steve
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