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A bit unusual text

“I dream to be the Queen of England”, told me the first girl I met outside of school when I started shooting their end-of-year movie. Keep dreaming, I thought.
“I dream to be a millionaire”, told me the second kid. Ok, that a little more realistic.
“I dream to be a soldier”, said the third one.
“But you will be a soldier”, I replied. “Don’t you have a bigger dream? Maybe to be a pilot?” The kid seemed a bit confused, raising his arms to sides and walking away without giving me an answer.

The truth is, that’s the answer I’ve been waiting for. Dreams don’t always have to be unreachable or longshots.
Yakov, my uncle, told me once: learn to settle and live with what you have. Don’t dream too far because you might not ever get there. My dream, for instance, is to reach the age of 50”.
“So what are you gonna do now?” I asked him when he was 50.
“Now I’m living the dream”, he said. A special one he was, my uncle.

So what’s my dream?
Well, I have many dreams.
I have a dream to be a father, which actually turns into a 1000 different dreams – to have a fun day with him, to teach him how to play the guitar, to help him with homework, and many more.
I have a dream to go to World Cup, and a dream to visit Australia.
I have a dream to jump from an airplane, and a dream to learn to fly.

Sometimes I go a little crazy. I dream of true love. I dream of a woman that even if she tells me she only wants us to be friends, I will gladly say yes and she’ll be my best friend. A woman that I could talk to about anything that comes to mind, even my weirdest thoughts. Someone that will always give me a reason to smile.
But I can dream about that, right?

Eran Shmuel Follow Eran
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