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This is life


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Just smile back and don't show tame your pain.
You lost your chance to change the way you Decided, just keep going dear it's to late for going back.
You can stand here and see all your sins and mistakes don't be sad now little girl this is life you have to learn for grow. Life can sometimes show you how much you small.
Don't be afraid to try I stand by your side, don't close your eyes wan your fears come by, stay strong and take big breath for not die.
In life don't judge, even if they will judge you,
Stay honest and true whit yourself, but you can lie sometimes it's help.
Stay focused on the right side, and don't be Innocent, people change everyday.
Girl you will see this world is not what you think.
Some days you lose your faith,
Some days you lose your close friend,
Some days you lose your lover agin,
But wan your heart will be Brock you have to pick up all the pics and moved on.
Don't cry just try to stay high.
Even if you go to hell tonight go whit big smile.

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Ahmad Kamarulzaman
Ahmad Kamarulzaman
Beauty''full day''..