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how to forget you

was it all just a dream?

Trying to forget you is the hardest thing i have ever done, you'r like a song stuck inside my head re-pitting over and over again. The first massage you ever sent to me, our first kiss, it feels like forever ago although it was only a few weeks. When I sit in the room I wonder if you know how I'm feeling, what I'm thinking. I wonder if you have similar thoughts, I guess not. You were the first to break my heart, I wonder if you know what it felt like. But if you knew, if someone broke your heart before you would have never done it to someone else. you would have never done this to me. Although you claimed you loved me I know you never did. I know you don't care what I'm going through or that I Love You. I know it's hard to say, and this is why I can't forget. I just want you to look at me like you did before, with that captivating smile that made me fall in love with you in the first place. Just one look, so I know it bothers you we are not together. but than, maybe it was all just a dream.

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