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This F guy.

Who would have thought?

Cat Doll
Cat Doll Report

I am still confused.
That guy was and will probably always be a mystery to me,
That sarcasm made us connect from the first time we met,
We had such an amazing chemistry together,
The questions the answers, the quick firing back.
Like a game of tennis,
The tension was there, oh my god was there tension.

How he insulted me but I still felt attracted to him,
How he tried to pull me over and be the two of us, just the two of us and I wouldn't let him,
How he wanted to teach me manners, but not the good kind.
How he looked at me with affection and at the same time his eyes showed no mercy,
How he tried to make me feel uncomfortable and I wouldn't let him,
How he spoke to me, like a man, big shot, like the king.
And how I played hard to get when in my mind I knew saying no was going to be hard but at the same time saying yes was a mistake.
How he commented on my looks, my body language, my words.
How he said every thought that went through my head before I even said anything,
He could read me like an open book,

Scary and sexy and the same time,
Terrifying but oh so consuming.

I wanted to soak every word he said, wanted to stay up late with him, just him, and see what will happen,
What will he do, will he even try,
What will he say, and to what porpuse?

Was it all a big lie? just to get in my pants? was I imagining what I felt? what the fuck did I even feel?
All of the heat and tension was there, there is no denying, but was it a one time game? is he giving up or is he coming back stronger then ever?

I hate not knowing,
I have to know.

And how the fuck did he get my number?!

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