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Breaking up

A fling is a thing ?

Cat Doll
Cat Doll Report

I don't miss you anymore,
Well, I think I don't..
I am trying to move on but I still feel tied up,
As if you are right behind me breathing heavily on my neck watching every single step I make and every single guy I glance at,
Everybody keeps yelling at me "you gotta sleep with someone if you want to move on.."
But even that simple task is not so simple,
I'd rather sleep with a guy I am attracted to,
Also rather he'll be nice and would be attracted to me too,
If this "methaporic" guy would also like me and obviously know me..
Oh my god what the hell do I really want ?
A fling or an actual relationship?
My head is all over the place
I have no idea what to do with my life,
I'm screwed up
I need someone to sleep with ASAP

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