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Why can't they understand?


She said no.
She said take your hand off.
She did not mean maybe.
But you kept with your doing, you raped her and she? She was asking for it right? WRONG.

"Why can't you accept a compliment?"
By the way, "hey sexy" isn't a compliment.
You don't know her, where she's from, what she's been through or what's her history. This "compliment" is one of many before that led her to be so insecure, so fragile. She just met you, and you already "hey sexy" her, and then you put your hand on her knee, this was her trigger, to her deepest fears, her darkest dreams. You shot her not physically but mentally .
You think she's a snob, cause she's overreacting.
You don't know that since the thing in her past, she doesn't trust a soul, any man is a threat, she blamed herself over the years because maybe she should've wore her favorite dress, or laugh, or dance in the club. NO means NO, it wasn't her fault, she was allowed to have fun, he wasn't allowed to touch.
He broke her, crashed her spirit and soul but you? You don't care. You don't know her and still you allowed yourself to "compliment" her, and touch. And when she jumped you called her a snob, accused her in being a snob.
They all killed her, one by one, not even knowing, not caring at all.
She's breathing but not alive.
If she said no she's a snob, if she said yes she's a slut. Right?

Jules Brody Follow Jules
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