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What our friendship mean to me

Our little things

These are the little things that matter most:
•The Good morning/night texts and make you start/end your day with a big smile on your face.
• When you're sick or not feeling good the little comforting words that makes you feel a little bit better.
• When you feel lonly just that thought of him waiting for you too makes you feel that you're not alone even if his is not around.
• Knowing that you always have someone to talk to.
• Waiting for him to get up so you can tell him how was your day and hearing about his last night.
• Sharing stories about each other
• Sending memes to each other...
• Laughing at his little stupid joke even hours after he tells them.
• To be able to show him how amazing he is and how much he means to me
• All the cute little names that he calls me that makes me feel special ^^
• Be able to share secrets to each other
Yes he is not around but I'm closer to him than anyone else and I know that this waiting is worth IT
Because we are willing to make it work ^^

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